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Kendall Fuller - A Baltimore Ravens option at 36

Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

With all the analysis on the sixth overall pick in the draft, Ravens fans are quick to forget there is a full draft afterwards.

A player I personally have my eye on with the 36th selection is Kendall Fuller.

Fuller was the fourth Fuller brother to suit up for Virginia Tech, and will be the fourth to play in the NFL, and probably the most talented of them all."

Most remember Kyle Fuller, cornerback for the Bears and his dynamic play-making the same season as C.J. Mosley. Both darkhorse names for Rookie Defensive Player of the Year, and Kyle may have taken it before the broken hand sidelined him. If Kendall is an even better cornerback the Ravens nabbing him in the second round could make this defense that much more dynamic.

The biggest strengths Kendall Fuller offers come in the same form as Kyle, playmaking and jumping routes. With defenses knowing his family heritage at cornerback, teams were already wary of passing his way during his Virgina Tech days. No matter for Kendall, in 2013 & 2014 combined the corner swatted 34 passes and picked off eight of them. Fuller also proves his worth in press coverage and ball-tracking, knowing where to be, and locking in the quickest routes to the ball and receiver.

With all the greatness do come demerits. Fuller isn't a speed demon, and could give up many big plays after jumping the routes. Gambling for the play comes both ways, sacrificing a game changer for your team to giving up a great play to the opposition. Kendall does play with a true aggression, which the Ravens need, but early penalty issues are something to worry about. summarizes the 4th NFL Fuller brother rather well.

The playmaking production didn't happen by accident. Fuller has the twitch and the anticipation to challenge throws on the NFL level and come away with his fair share of interceptions, but scouts are very leery of the chances he is willing to take as they have concerns about his ability to carry long speed.

My personal belief:

The Ravens need a playmaking cornerback to match with Jimmy Smith. I would much rather prefer a player that is determined to win and jump on a route rather than play it safe. Baltimore needs turnovers on defense, and the prescription for the lack of turnovers is Kendall Fuller.