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Joey Bosa and the Baltimore Ravens are a clear match

A clear NFL talent

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

After the initial end of the 2016 NFL season, the Baltimore Ravens felt they could no longer land star-studded defensive end Joey Bosa. Jokes were made, even by myself, that the 'Tank For Bosa' had failed. Well the man has been mocked to us quite frequently, and people are now no longer happy with the decision.

Joey Bosa is a dynamic player for the Baltimore Ravens at #6 overall. He possesses great speed and strength, with the power necessary to become an NFL edge player.

If and when drafted in the first round, Joey will be the third in his family to become a first round NFL Draft pick. That's great lineage to be accompanied with.

People often seem to forget that as a true freshman Bosa achieved 7.5 sacks and 13.5 tackles for loss in ten games. Bosa has been a clear champion since the beginning, and expectations have been met time and time again.

Terrell Suggs is known for the un-real run-stopping ability, paired with the consistent pass rush. Suggs has never been a one-trick pony, and neither has Joey Bosa.

Statistically, his 2015 season was not as impressive as the year before (6 tackles for loss, five sacks) but Big Ten coaches still named him the conferences Defensive Lineman of the Year because of his rare combination of strength against the run and consistent presence in the backfield."

It's obvious every player comes with flaws, but knowing Bosa on a bad year still achieved the D-lineman of the Year award is quite telling. Ohio State University last season was a powerhouse, and Joey Bosa was the lead defender in the unit.

I want this kind of a player on my team. One with the power and speed to beat offensive lineman, and start attacking the quarterback with ferocity. Terrell Suggs is not becoming any younger, and the Ravens should be a year early, rather than a year late with new prospects.