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Alex McCalister, Dadi Nicolas offer late round value

The two edge players bring something the Ravens lack.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Virginia Tech and the Florida edge defenders bring explosiveness in their first steps, even if neither are stout against the run. The Ravens should find value in situational pass rushers.

When looking at the Ravens defense itself, explosiveness in any and every position. With that being said, It is no coincidence that the best Raven defenses featured athletic freaks Adalius Thomas and Terrell Suggs manning the edges.

When matched up against other positions, It is a better bet to start with an athletic EDGE prospect and try to add to his game then perhaps any other position.

Nicolas and McCallister are both severely under weight, with the former at 235 lbs and sporting a lean and wiry frame. The latter weighs in at 233 lbs which would not be considered so much worst then Nicolas' if he were not 6'6". Both players have the frame to add muscle on, especially McCalister.

Neither will come without concerns. McCalister was dismissed form Florida for a violations of team rules and Nicolas saw his production dive down the rabbit hole, not posting a sack in his final year, though coaching having play at the three technique can be blamed for that fact.

Both players offer speed and explosive first steps, which would give the Ravens good building blocks to mould them into complete edge players.