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Why Ezekiel Elliott will NOT be a Raven

Insulting the family of John Harbaugh is a deal breaker.

Maybe Elliot never wanted to come to Baltimore. His ticket out is punched.
Maybe Elliot never wanted to come to Baltimore. His ticket out is punched.

I guess he didn't want to come to Baltimore.

Ohio State RB Ezekiel Elliott has been a subject of draft banter as of late, and he has more than once been associated with the Ravens' sixth spot, even on this site.

Yet, he has invoked the Scepter of Self-Disqualification: he has bad-mouthed a Harbaugh.

As our brethren in the Big Apple would coin, "Fuhgettaboutit!"

Not only did he chime in a small Twitter debate last month, where Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh and Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith exchanged barbs:

...but he heightened the tension recently on a radio show when he said that the former Michigan QB needs a reality check: "I'm tired of hearing about Coach (Jim) Harbaugh. He needs to get in check with reality because at the end of the day you can't talk smack about rivalry when you haven't won a rivalry game. You have to win ballgames to talk behind it."

Is that endearing talk for the brother of the Wolverine leader?

Game over, dude. Game. Over.

There might have been a spike in the Dallas metro area when Elliott's words went over the air. Or better yet, in Philadelphia, who sits just two spots after the Ravens in the draft order.

Even if GM Ozzie Newsome is the final say on who the Ravens pick, I would be willing to bet the car, the house, and my beloved class ring that Harbaugh will put a fork in the table over not taking this young man. It is a legitimate claim to say that there is a possible boundary issue with regards to authority figures and handling conflict with class, on the part of Elliott. Consider that Harbaugh didn't really address him, he jumped into the fray.

Probably not good networking when the target's brother is a Super Bowl winning coach who might have been considering making you a rich man.

It was a fun imaginary scenario while it lasted, Ravens fans.

We can move on to the next.

Reality Check to come on April 28th.