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Flashback Sunday: Ravens defeat Colts in AFC Wild Card round in 2012 season

Patrick Smith
Patrick Smith
Getty Images

This is the time of year where NFL fans start to miss football. It is also the time of year where everyone is starting to get tired of NFL mock drafts if they aren't already. To pass the time, Baltimore Ravens fans can take a trip down memory lane and watch the Ravens defeat the Indianapolis Colts 24-9 in the AFC Wild Card game in 2012 which sparked the Ravens second Super Bowl run.

This game was an emotional one for the main fact that Ray Lewis decided that this would be his final playoff run after spending his entire 17 year career with the Ravens. The pressure was not only on Ray, but on the rest of the team to let him go out in style. Not to mention Joe Flacco was in a contract year and had to prove that he could lead his team a Super Bowl.

Well, Lewis and Flacco both got what they wanted.


Click the,"2012 AFC Wild Card Colts @ Ravens " title below to watch on YouTube.