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The Baltimore Beatdown Too-Early Schedule Predictions 2016

Yes, it's too early to be giving outcomes on the Ravens schedules. Yes, the Beatdown staff did it. Yes, we'd like to know what you think!

How many wins can Flacco lead his Ravens to?
How many wins can Flacco lead his Ravens to?
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens schedule is now public knowledge, therefore, the predictions will come a-floodin'. Sure, there are too many variables at this point to make too much of an educated guess--Will Pitta play? Will Perriman be 100%? Who will the Ravens draft? Who will start at the safety spots?--but that shouldn't stop the art of guessing in general.

Here are your Baltimore Beatdown staff predictions for the outcome of the games on the Ravens 2016 schedule, complete with quick afterthoughts below. Timeliness, be cursed.

Kyle Barber, Editor-in-Chief: "The loss to Oakland is a pivotal game, because that will prove whether the Ravens can overcome a 2nd year loss to the Raiders. People are underestimating the Raiders rise in the AFC. Jacksonville is also an important game, another overlooked team."

Wola Oldenarian, Editor: "The Ravens will start the season off 6-0 for the first time in franchise history. It will be critical for the Ravens to get off to a hot start because the winter stretch from week 14-17 will not be pretty. The Ravens earn a 13-3 record for the second time in franchise history which in turn will create a first round bye."

Nathan Beaucage, Editor: "Week 15 will for sure be the most important game of the year. Ravens versus Patriots is one of the best rivalries in the league at the moment, and it will only be amplified by the fact that this game will likely have playoff implications."

Chris "Braven" Brown, Editor: "So I'm an optimist. Somebody has to offset Michael's doom and gloom prediction! I think the pivotal game is @Jacksonville. If the Ravens can beat them, they will be soaring in confidence as they come home for a stretch which could land them in the Big Apple with a 5-0 record. Look for early bounces to go the Ravens' way this year, starting a juggernaut, as opposed to last year, beginning a freefall."

Vasilis Lericos, Writer: "Pretty favorable schedule overall for the Ravens. Pass defense will be vital. Week 15 will be the toughest game, primetime in Foxboro is sure to draw a Brady friendly officating crew..."

Michael Sedjro, Writer: "The schedule is not nearly as tough as last year. However, since the Ravens are relying on players coming back from injury, there are just too many questions for me to predict with positvity. Plus there's Dean Pees. He seems to beat all odds by consitently turning chicken salad into chicken [feces]. It's not going to be fun. Pivotal game is at the Patriots. A win there could vault the Ravens to perhaps a four game win streak to close the season and maybe sneak in to the playoffs. I'm not holding my breath."

Chuck Mills, Writer: "Ravens need to beat Cincy. They've dominated the Steelers in recent years, but not Cincy."

Brian Malan, Writer/Forum Rogue Destroyer: [Comment eaten by Google.]