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Did the NFL troll Baltimore Beatdown?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I think I was trolled by the NFL schedule makers. If someone thinks I'm thinking too hard into this, maybe I am. If you remember in February, I made a Way too early Ravens 2016 schedule prediction and felt OK about it. Now, looking at the actual 2016 Ravens regular season schedule, look at what the NFL did. The only one I got right was Ravens at Jaguars in week 3. But there are others that seem too close to be a coincidence.

  • Week 1, I had Ravens hosting Browns.  NFL has Ravens at Browns in week 2.
  • Week 5, I had the Ravens hosting Raiders. NFL has the Ravens hosting Raiders in week 4.
  • Week 9, I had the Ravens on a bye week. NFL has the Ravens on a bye week in week 8.
  • Week 13, I had the Ravens at Patriots.   NFL has the Ravens at Patriots in week 14.
  • Week 14, I had Ravens hosting Eagles.  NFL has the Ravens hosting Eagles in week 15.
Here's the very interesting part. In my prediction, I had the Ravens hosting the Bengals in week 16 and the Steelers in week 17 to end the season. The NFL does the opposite and has the Ravens on the road at Steelers in week 16 and at Bengals in week 17.

Am i making too much of this or this there something to this conspiracy?