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Details of Dennis Pitta's Extension With the Ravens

The Ravens TE has restructured his contract so as to take any financial risk out of his comeback attempt.

Pitta is now flying down the comeback trail.
Pitta is now flying down the comeback trail.
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Dennis Pitta keeps extending the hopes of Ravens fans and teammates alike.

Now, the details of how he took the risk out of his contract for the Ravens as he gives the comeback his best efforts this summer.

In comparing his restructure to the potential of a post 6/1 release, the Ravens initially have saved $4 million, which is $1 million less. But, the injury waivers added in will protect the Ravens if he goes onto Injured Reserve, saving vitrually the rest of the $1 million.

So now, it's really up the fate of the Ravens TE.

The Ravens Front Office remains cautiously supportive of Pitta, communicating to the public that they want him to succeed, but are not pressing for service that will have long-term negative effects on his health.

General Manager Ozzie Newsome summated this. "We’re excited to help him with his comeback. Everyone here wants Dennis to succeed."

The Ravens are now roughly $12 million under the salary cap, which is a better place than when they started this offseason, by far. They will need about $4.25 million of that to sign draft picks.

With Pitta following in the steps of his best buddy, who restructured his contract earlier this year in order to help sign free agents, the hope in Charm City is that the two will enjoy a lengthy and productive reunion on the M&T grass for some time to come.