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The Baltimore Ravens 2016 Schedule

We know the course of the preseason, and now, the NFL has revealed the main course for the 2016 Ravens' journey.

The Ravens' Schedule is Here!
The Ravens' Schedule is Here!

Ravens football never ends.

On Thursday, it began again.

Here is the 2016 Schedule for the Baltimore Ravens:

Highlights of the schedule:

The opening game is a reunion not only with former Ravens head coach Rex Ryan, but also with former Raven backup QB Tyrod Taylor.

There are three currently scheduled national exposures: Thursday, November 10th against the Browns at home--perhaps the great ending on Monday Night Football in 2015 inspired this--and Monday, December 12th at the Patriots, which seems like a real marquee matchup. And even though it is not in prime time, the Christmas outing vs. Pittsburgh has a national stage, as one of only two games on that day. The game is at 4:30.

An interesting stretch is the first seven games of the year, all against teams with losing records in 2015 save the Redskins. This could make for a strong start for the Ravens.

Oddly, neither one of the Ravens' battle with the boys from Pitt is going to have a national audience, but the Christmas Day one could potentially be flexed to Sunday Night if both teams are strong. Note that the first game with the Steelers is after a bye for the Ravens, a good break to have.

The toughest stretch of the season is arguably the last four games, three of which are on the road, against New England, The Eagles at home, at the Steelers and at the Bengals as we have been finishing seasons frequently as of late.

The most winnable streak appears to be weeks 1 to 4, against Buffalo, @Cleveland, @Jaguars, and Raiders at home.

What do you think about the schedule? What is the most important game? What is the most winnable game? Polls galore await your responses, as does the comments section.

Let the anticipation begin.  And the travel plans.