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AFC North: Browns haven't talked to Jalen Ramsey much, could he fall to the Ravens?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns have the number two overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft and apparently the team might not be as interested in defensive back Jalen Ramsey as many would have thought. Ramsey, via

"Not much interaction with them at all," Ramsey noted. "Maybe talked to them one time, something like that."

Some will say that the Browns are probably creating a smokescreen with Ramsey and that could very well be true as we know that every team around the league wants to give as little information as it can during this time of year. However, Browns could have an eye on another player.

But regardless, if a team has the number two overall pick in any draft, it would be wise to get as much information about any high ranking player so that everyone in the war room knows that the right choice has been made. So if Ramsey truly is being put to the side by the Browns, where could he land? The probability of Ramsey being selected by the Ravens gets better and better.

If Rams does indeed slip past the the Los Angeles Rams and the Browns, I could see Ramsey slipping past the San Diego Chargers which has the third overall pick. The Chargers have a serious need in depth along the offensive line and Laremy Tunsil, who is regarded by many as the best player in this draft, would help block the blind side for Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers.

I could see the Ramsey slipping past the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys could select runningback Ezekiel Elliott, quarterback Jared Goff, linebacker Myles Jack or defensive tackle DeForest Buckner.

But in my personal opinion, I honestly can't see Ramsey slipping past the Jacksonville Jaguars. I think number five is as far as Ramsey would slip and if the Ravens really want Ramsey, the organization would have to trade up from its number six overall spot to get him. Ramsey is a great player and it would be a huge get if the Ravens draft him, but the cost is too steep to trade away future draft picks (High draft picks at that) to get one player.

History shown that every now and then in the NFL Draft , players haven fallen when the majority thought they wouldn't. The same could very well happen to Ramsey and the Ravens would love it.


As we have seen today with the Rams trading up to get the number one overall pick from the Tennessee Titans, it will cost more than an arm and a leg to move into the top five of the first round.