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Laremy Tunsil now becomes a legitimate possibility for the Ravens

The stars might be aligning for the Ravens to grab who many believe to be the draft's best prospect.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

With the Rams climbing up to the number one slot in exchange for a king's ransom, the door has been opened for the Ravens to grab a truly elite prospect.

A month or so ago, Laremy Tunsil would've been a dream at pick number six. As the draft's de facto number one player, if the Titans didn't select him with the first pick, then the Chargers would certainly swoop in with their third overall selection. But the tables have turned since then, and so have the teams sitting at those tables.

Now that the Rams and Browns both occupy top 5 picks, it seems as if two quarterbacks will be selected before the Ravens step up to the podium to make their pick. This means the Ravens may have the opportunity of a lifetime to select the draft's best player without even trading up.

Imagine this hypothetical situation. Now that Los Angeles and Cleveland have taken the draft's coveted quarterbacks in back-to-back succession, San Diego is on the clock. Now of course, it'd be idiotic to say that they wouldn't possibly pick Tunsil in this situation. After all, their offensive line is perhaps their biggest area of need. But then again, would the Chargers turn down Jalen Ramsey, the draft's biggest defensive playmaker? That's not for me to decide, but there's no doubting that this will be the main discussion had in San Diego's camp over the next few weeks.

Moving further down the board, two spots now separate the Ravens from Tunsil. Dallas and Jacksonville occupy the fourth and fifth picks, and it's hard to see either team taking Tunsil. Both of these teams are almost certainly salivating over the defenders at the top of this draft. It's most likely that Myles Jack and Joey Bosa are selected here, with the distant possibility of Dallas selecting Ezekiel Elliott still in play.

This leaves the Ravens to take the best player available, and Tunsil would be the best on the board by a big margin. Solid left tackles are so hard to come by, and the Ravens would instantly have one of the league's best at a position where talent is scarce. Tunsil comes with few, if any question marks, and could be eased into the position alongside veteran lineman Eugene Monroe, who is definitely not a part of the Ravens' future. Tunsil should be a natural fit in the Ravens' zone block scheme, so the transition to the pros shouldn't be too hard.

It's hard not to like the prospect would would serve as a blue-chip lineman protecting Joe Flacco's blindside for perhaps the rest of his career. An offensive line with Tunsil and Marshal Yanda lining up next to each other would be practically impenetrable.

While the chances of the draft's best prospect falling to the Ravens are still rather slim, the odds are infinitely better now than they were yesterday.