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Baltimore Ravens try out Michigan State Quarterback Connor Cook


Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

What could either be a smoke-screen or insurance for the back-up quarterback situation; the Baltimore Ravens have given an official visit with Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook.

This could be be just run of the mill work, but with Joe Flacco coming back from ACL surgery and already 31 years old, maybe a talented quarterback could be better now rather than later.

This won't be happening with any high round pick for Baltimore, but if you see Cook start slipping hard down the draft I wouldn't be all too shocked if Ozzie pulled the trigger on selecting a back-up with some upside. has his comparison player to Brian Hoyer, but he's clearly better than that. Most projections show mid-1st to 2nd round picks, but Baltimore may take a shot if other teams don't go too soon. I'm not claiming he will be the 36th overall pick, but the Ravens truly believe BPA and they'll stick to it if Cook drops too far.

I won't be expecting Cook to pass by the Browns, Steelers, Broncos, Cowboys or Rams in the second round at worst, but th NFL Draft is a shoots & ladders game, with great falls every year.