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Myles Jack compared as "Faster Ray Lewis"-- Jack responds with respect

Sure would love to see him on the board at sixth

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Recently there has been a comparison about the NFL Draft prospect Myles Jack to the greatest linebacker in NFL History, but faster...

I'm not here to bash Myles Jack, but this isn't the right thing at all. A college linebacker expected to be a top five NFL pick is nothing to disrespect, but not only equaling them together, but adding in a faster version is plain stupid.

CBS Sports' Pete Prisco wrote this, "When I asked one NFL general manager if (Jack) compared favorably to former Baltimore Ravens great Ray Lewis, the general manager had this to say: 'Yes, but Jack is faster.'"

My brain is overloading, and I cannot configure the words to argue.

But good news, Myles Jack is taking the compliment and comparison in stride.

"When I hear I am compared to him, I am kind of like, 'slow down, put on the brakes. I have to earn that. I have to climb the ladder before I can be mentioned with him, my name and his name in the same breath. He'll be remembered for generations. Everybody knows Ray Lewis. You can't compare yourself to idols. You want to model your game after it, but comparing me to him is too fast. I want to get there, but slow down."

Absolute class, and I love it. He knows how meaningful the comments are, but wants to truly earn the title. The only problem is that he is too good for the Ravens to select, barring a wonderful NFL Draft snafu.