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Baltimore Ravens can't--and won't be trading up

Not a possibility

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With the combine all but ruining the Baltimore Ravens chances at scoring either Jalen Ramsey or Myles Jack with the sixth overall NFL Draft pick, there have been hopes of a trade-up.

A helpful guideline to draft trading is the Trade Value Chart. Here you can make comparisons to trading draft picks. This is not a set in stone guideline, but it does help to put number values on everything.

Recent hopes have shown trading up with the Jacksonville Jaguars, if Ramsey or Jack were to fall down the boards to 5th overall.

Numerically, the 5th pick overall is worth 1,700 points. The 6th overall is worth only 100 points less (1,600). The closest the Ravens have for a 100 pt. boost is their 4th round pick 104th overall (86 points.) That is 14 points less, but with the addition of sixth round 182nd overall being valued at 18.6 points, the Ravens finally record the same value. Take a more balanced look of the trade here.

Ravens Give:  1st Round 6th Overall Pick 1600 Pts.

4th Round 104th Overall Pick 86 Pts.

6th Round 182nd Overall Pick 18.6 Pts.

Ravens Receive: 1st Round 5th Overall Pick 1700 Pts.

If DeForest Buckner, Myles Jack, and Joey Bosa are all still on the board with the 5th pick, the Ravens should absolutely not trade up. For multiple reasons.

First and foremost, the Baltimore Ravens are a talented front office, and waisting a fourth and sixth round selection for Myles Jack over Bosa or Buckner is not worth it. Three expected NFL talents await, and Ravens shouldn't jump one extra team by overpaying. All three options are great for Charm City.

Secondly, If they are attempting to trade up a single pick, the Jaguars are more than likely fielding multiple calls, and Baltimore needs not to be involved in a bidding war. A team trading even higher up hands over more value, and a desperate push to move one spot would cost a fortune.

Also, the TVC is not showing the worth of the players specifically, but rather the point value of the picks. Myles Jack may be worth 1,700 or even 3,000, but the TVC chart cannot produce perfect guidelines to trading. If the player is worth trading up for, the Jaguars will be selecting him.

I'm all for selecting Myles Jack, but the trade is not something the Ravens can afford. The Ravens will not be trading up, and they shouldn't even consider it.