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OFFICIAL: Matt Schaub signs with the Atlanta Falcons

No more Schaub in Baltimore

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens are without one more back-up quarterback, as the Atlanta Falcons sign Matt Schaub to a two year deal!

Very good news for Ravens fans, with very little loss, if at all.

The Ravens should be receiving a compensatory pick for the loss of Matt Schaub, and we no longer have to watch Schaub try his hardest (and fail) at throwing the infamous pick-six.

During his tenure with the Baltimore Ravens, Matt Schaub had 65% completion, 540 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 4 interceptions. He clearly was not a person to build around, nor was worth anything more than a roster spot.

Translating him to a comp pick is amazing, and hopefully Ozzie can turn that into something even more necessary for the squad. Nothing like DeCosta and Newsome crushing more draft picks.

Nothing but a win scenario here for Baltimore, losing Schaub and receiving something in return!