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OFFICIAL: George Iloka signs with the Cincinnati Bengals

The safety stays back with the team

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

With big rumors of George Iloka leaving for multiple teams, the man stayed true to the franchise (for the right money).

The Cincinnati Safety clearly cashed in here, and that is some good money for the defender.

George in his five seasons with the Bengals has recorded 189 tackles and five interceptions. The man is without a doubt a great safety in the division, and Cincinnati definitely made him feel worth it, dolling out the dough in the first three seasons.

I know Steve Smith Sr. won't be too thrilled as he is the safety responsible for the last second TD a season ago being revoked due to offensive pass interference. It was a close call, but we know there was some embellishment to it. Or maybe Smitty will be happy to see him back, and get a victory of Cincinnati finally.