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OFFICIAL: Former Browns Center Alex Mack signs with Atlanta Falcons

The top five center finds a new home

The Cleveland Browns have officially lost their three time Pro-Bowl center

Another bird team decided to use the talons and scoop him up, and a five year deal swooned the man quite quickly. Alex was mentioning he could be back with Cleveland, but it looks as if the Atlanta Falcons coaxed him into a different deal away from Cleveland, the AFCNorth, and the entire AFC as a whole. Good news for us, as Alex Mack has absolutely been a centerpiece to the Browns O-line. Alex Mack also played every single offensive snap for the Cleveland Browns up until Week six of the 2014 season.

OVERALL: Great news for the Ravens, as the run game of Cleveland shows obvious weakness when Mack finally was out. Hopefully we see Brandon Williams and Timmy Jernigan punishing the newest Cleveland Brown QB soon!