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Official: Cincinnati Bengals Marvin Jones signs with the Detroit Lions

One less receiver in Cincinnati

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Bengals receiver Marvin Jones has agreed to a deal with the Detroit Lions. The Lions needed a receiver to replace the recently retired Calvin Johnson and while Jones certainly isn't as good of a receiver as Johnson is, he was one of the hottest commodities on the wide receiver market and he will make a good duo with receiver Golden Tate.

The deal is a five-year, $40 million contract that has $17 million guaranteed. The deal is a product of a weak market at wide receiver and the recent salary cap bump that has resulted in the crazy contracts that teams have been throwing around this week.

The move gives the Lions a new weapon in the passing game, while taking one away from Andy Dalton and the Ravens now have one less Bengals receiver to deal with. Cincinnati will likely target a receiver in the early rounds of the draft to make up for the loss of Jones.