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Courtney Upshaw expected to go to the Indianapolis Colts

Not a surprise, Upshaw will reunite with former Ravens coaches Chuck Pagano and Ted Monachino

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Rumors are out saying that the Indianapolis Colts are a likely destination for outside linebacker Courtney Upshaw. It's not a surprise to see another team listed as the most likely spot for Upshaw, as the Ravens have said that they are non-committal on bringing him back.

Unless the Ravens lose another player to free agency, Upshaw won't bring the Ravens a compensatory pick in 2017 as the Ravens will sign tight end Ben Watson after he hits free agency tomorrow afternoon. And unless the Colts sign him to a massively inflated contract, Upshaw won't give the Ravens a meaningful pick even if he yields one.

Honestly, the loss isn't that upsetting. Upshaw was a good player when he was here, but he was mainly an edge setter and outside of flattening Ben Roethlisberger twice a year, he never really contributed much as a pass rusher. Za'Darius Smith came on as an edge setter late in the season and he has more sacks in his rookie season (6) than Upshaw has in his entire career (5).

Upshaw got his ring in Baltimore and now he will join Arthur Jones and get a payday in Indianapolis. Let's hope that someone signs away another free agent and that the Colts sign Upshaw to a large deal tomorrow.