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Kyle Arrington isn't going anywhere, takes a pay cut

With the resigning of Shareece Wright, what is happening with last years cornerback addition?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens resigning of Shareece Wright muddled the Ravens future of Kyle Arrington. Would they cut him and take the approximately $1.43 million cap savings, or hold onto him ans see if he could bounce back?

Clearly Jimmy Smith is the number one cornerback for the Baltimore Ravens. That was never in question. Wright is the correct size and speed of a CB2. This means Kyle Arrington, Will Davis, and Tray Walker are all battling for the CB3 and CB4 position, and that is without considering any 2016 draftees. Somehow Lardarius Webb escaped this mess by claiming he is now a safety. Good strategy Webb, as the Ravens don't know what to do at safety besides the Thrill being a blatant #1.

Kyle Arrington was very up and down. Seemingly started off great, but many times collapsed into an abysmal slump. Then would make great pass break-ups randomly. Sounding like a broken record, Baltimore can't truly tell what most of their players true skill level is from last season. The first half dumpster fire, or the second half evolution into a defense worth talking about.

Kyle Arrington, as always mentioned has played the slot CB position fairly well in the past. He was very out of position with the devastating injuries sustained by multiple cornerbacks and overall defensive backs lost to IR last season. With such a low cap hit ($1.33M), and very little to gain from cutting Mr. Arrington ($1.43M), the Ravens look to be holding onto him for the time being, and hoping that this slump was only a one year deal.

Clearly, Arrington was on the chopping block, now having agreed to a pay cut to stay in Baltimore:

The Ravens hope Arrington can rebound and be a factor going forward, but if not it doesn't cost the Ravens much to keep him around.