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Despite all the rumors, dont expect the Baltimore Ravens to be too active

Baltimore won't be a team blasting in free agency

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Back to back years the Philadelphia Eagles are having a firesale. The squad seems to be churning out big NFL media tidbits, and it garners massive attention. From 'Chip Kelly's Wild Ride' to "Howie's Revenge Tour' this team is changing back and forth from players frighteningly quick. Don't expect Baltimore to be anywhere near this exciting during the draft, or free agency despite all the rumors circling the team today.

Baltimore is a team much like New England and Green Bay, who build up through the draft and retain their own most talented players. Successful franchises aren't ones scrambling for trades or contracts. Even Pittsburgh is the same way. They don't go out of their way to desperately seek talent, they build and develop their own. Look at Le'veon Bell, Ben Roethlisberger, and Antonio Brown.

Baltimore's biggest news so far this season will derive from Kelechi Osemele leaving or staying. It surely won't be from Baltimore making a huge splash on the free agent market. The big names aren't anywhere near Charm City because of the cap situation Ozzie is under, and the Ravens aren't that style of franchise. The Ravens will make moves that others don't give a second thought about.

They haven't needed to search for a starting quarterback since they selected Joe Flacco. They haven't desperately needed to find a pass rusher since Terrell Suggs was drafted. Both positions that free agency covets, the Ravens enjoyed developing. The Ravens will only tap into the waters of free agency when they feel it is worth it.

This off-season is seeing depth at exactly those positions. Malik Jackson, Jason Pierre-Paul, Brock Osweiler, Ryan Fitzpatrick, all big positions the Ravens secured long ago, and Flacco once again for good measure last week.

It does get frustrating to see teams spending that money, but I do vaguely recall something Steve Bisciotti said.

I don't have the full quote, but to a degree he mentions that he's obviously jealous about other teams this time of year, with all the money they get to spend. But most teams are jealous of the Ravens when the post-season comes around.

Don't be jealous that the Ravens are not making headline deals, because Baltimore will be in the post-season this upcoming season, and the teams sprinting for free agency for the most part won't all be touching a 17th game.