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Shareece Wright, the Baltimore Ravens, and the reasoning for the contract

Baltimore did their homework

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

While the opinions on Shareece Wright are mixed, the Ravens clearly offered a deal because they believe in him. Baltimore did their studying before handing out money and a paper worth signing.

In the season's final eight games (five of which Wright started), Baltimore permitted the NFL's fewest net passing yards (183.3 ypg) and the second-fewest total net yards (291.1 ypg).

The Ravens started to show improvement toward the end of the season, and the defense finally finding it's footing after a free-fall down the mountaintop was a large factor in that. Jimmy Smith looked like the #1 corner the Ravens are paying him to be with his injury healed, and t defense looked better for it. Za'Darius Smith and the pass rush got a grip together as a unit down the stretch, and pressured more. The run defense tightened up on first and second down, allowing longer third down distances to help the defense cover less routes, rather than the entire route tree.

The question everybody is wondering, is whether it was the entire team getting it together that made Wright 'right', or if Shareece truly found his game down the stretch.

Baltimore fans forgets patience sometimes. With previous success drafting players on the defensive  side of the ball, if the players aren't immediately panning out we jump to conclusions. This is one of the scenarios, and I believe Shareece actually did his part and is deserving of this level money.

Don't think for a second Baltimore doesn't possess an escape valve for Wright's contract. I haven't found the full details and numbers, but we here at Baltimore Beatdown are expecting incentives, and a contract which essentially guarantees nothing more than a 1 yr $5 million deal. If Shareece isn't cutting it, they can cut him after the first year without much punishment. That's the assumption, but we truly won't know the specifics until a real contract details are brought to light.