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Shareece Wright signing not the solution for the Baltimore Ravens

Keeping Shareece Wright isn't the fix-it to the secondary

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, the Baltimore Ravens announced that they have locked up cornerback Shareece Wright with a three-year contract with $5 million guaranteed that can pay him up to $5.33 million a year if he triggers yearly incentives that are probably related to how many passes he picks off or how many touchdowns he doesn't allow. And Wright was one of the better players on the defense. Outside of a disastrous Week six game against the 49ers, Wright didn't allow a single touchdown all season. This actually should be a solid signing for the Ravens secondary.

But it's not THE move that is going to shore up the secondary.

As I mentioned, Wright was a good cornerback for the Ravens this season. With a year to learn from Leslie Frazier, who knows a thing or two about coaching up defensive backs, he might even get better in 2016. Wright could join the likes of Cary Williams and Corey Graham as successful reclamation projects. At this point, you're probably wondering why I don't think that Wright is the solution to the secondary after everything I just said. It boils down to one simple factor.

That factor is big plays, or the lack thereof in Wright's case. Shareece Wright has one career interception. Now Leslie Frazier could coach him up into a player that can intercept more passes, but it's not likely when you look at Wright's entire body of work in the NFL. Considering that increasing the amount of turnovers is something that both Ozzie and Frazier have established as something to work on, I think that the Ravens might still want a corner that can make plays on the ball, something that they don't have right now.

The Shareece Wright signing is a good one, but unless Wright becomes the pick-machine that he's never been, he's not going to be the player that completes the secondary. The Ravens will have to look elsewhere for that, whether it be be bringing in a high-performance safety, or selecting another high pedigree corner in the draft. Either way, the Ravens got better yesterday. Lets just hope they don't stop there.