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Myles Jack over Joey Bosa for Baltimore Ravens fans?

Is the swiss army knife inside linebacker slicing his way into the hearts of Ravens fans...

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

It seems crazy to say the words, but has Joey Bosa fallen so far? Once thought to be the consensus top player in the 2016 draft, mediocre workouts from him and stellar workouts from others have people projecting things that would have been thought improbable just a few months ago.

Offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil and Bosa were originally thought to be jockeying for the first overall pick and the right to play for the Tennessee Titans in 2016. Others like defensive back Jalen Ramsey and inside linebacker Myles Jack started out projected between the 4th pick and the 15th picks in most scenarios. Some were rumored to not consider Ramsey a first round talent, and Jack was coming off an injury that was thought to have lowered him out of the top 10. But that all seems so silly now. Ramsey and Jack have shot up boards, with stellar combines, and a review of their game film. Both are extremely talented athletes, and both now seem like locks to be off the board in the top 6 picks, barring another quarterback or 2 shooting up into the top 5.

Even more astounding, Bosa seems to be a slide candidate. Besides the aforementioned Jack and Ramsey, Oregon defensive lineman DeForest Buckner has also steadily risen. He started in the same bubble as Jack and Ramsey, and now also seems a lock for the top 6 picks. Bosa, on the other hand, has looked mediocre in workouts, including a slow run in the 40 yard dash. All this means that Bosa's once strong hold on a top 3 pick is becoming more and more tenuous by day.

So do Ravens fans now value Jack over Bosa, despite the bigger need at pass rusher?

What was once considered crazy talk now looks to be the shared opinion of a large faction of Ravens fans out there. With the talent Myles Jack has, he would impact the defense in all phases of the game. Bosa, on the other hand, is a great run stopper but his limited athleticism could lead him to not being a huge impact player in the pass game. That ,combined with the need to transition to 3-4 outside linebacker in the Ravens base scheme, could mean that Jack ends up being the better fit for the Ravens. Dominating inside linebackers are the rage nowadays, with players like Luke Kuechly, Patrick Willis, Thomas Davis, and Bobby Wagner all the rage these days.

So do Ravens fans now want Jack over Bosa if both are on the board? Is what was once thought to be crazy now the consensus opinion? I will let the poll results answer that....