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What are the Baltimore Ravens' goals in free agency?

With the NFL's free agency period about to begin, what are the Ravens hoping to accomplish during this critical time?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The paramount moment of the offseason begins at 4 P.M. EST this Wednesday. It's free agency, and all 32 NFL teams will be scrambling to make their best case for some of the league's most talented players. With players like Bruce Irvin, Jason Pierre-Paul, and Eric Weddle on the market, a lot is at stake. While the Ravens aren't exactly known for chasing the big names, there is still some business to be done in Baltimore.

Critical to the Ravens' offseason is retaining Kelechi Osemele, who is almost certainly going to go for big bucks on the open market. The Ravens moved around funds with the Joe Flacco extension, so resigning Osemele is a move that they not only want to make happen, but have the means to make it happen too with a large war chest.

Also large on the minds of the Ravens is the team's cornerback situation. It couldn't be any more murky than it already is. Lardarius Webb has moved back to safety and the Ravens' number two corner, Shareece Wright, is an unrestricted free agent. This leaves a potentially massive vacancy in the Baltimore secondary. While the Ravens can recruit some help in the draft, a veteran corner might be necessary to ease in a younger prospect. Making a move on a veteran secondary man seems like a sensible proposition.

Finally, the team may decide to add another receiver to the mix. While the trio of Aiken, Perriman, and Smith, Sr. may hold up for this next season, the future is uncertain. Grabbing a receiver such as Rishard Matthews or Jermaine Kearse is a smart investment in the receiving corps' future.