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Joe Flacco's new cap hit is seventh-highest in the league

The Ravens' front office mastery stands out once again.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

In an effort to salvage their cap situation, the Ravens extended Joe Flacco through 2021. It was a great move that mitigated the problem his massive cap hit presented. Flacco's once-monstrous $28.55 million cap hit has now been scaled down to a more reasonable $22.55 million. This means his once third-highest cap hit reduced to only the seventh-highest. That puts him in line with Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions, and just a bit lower than Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. Flacco's 2016 cap hit of $22.25 million is the lowest of his new deal, but it won't exceed $28 million until 2020. However, since the salary cap increases over time, his salary will be just as manageable then as it is now.

Once again, the Ravens have shown their savvy in the front office. The team turned a potential contract fiasco that could ruin their offseason into a contract that was fair for both sides and kept the Ravens' future bright.