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Ravens won't be picking their first selection; other teams are doing it for them

The Ravens are still getting a great player in the draft this year, but it might not be up to them who it is.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

For months now, everyone has been prognosticating about who the Baltimore Ravens might take with their sixth pick. While analysts and fans alike have been going over player profiles and mock drafts with a fine tooth comb, it might just be impossible to predict who the Ravens will take with their first pick.

With five 'blue chip' players in the draft, chances are that only one of them will be left by the time the Ravens are on the clock. In my mind, defensive linemen Joey Bosa and Deforest Buckner, inside linebacker Myles Jack, defensive back Jalen Ramsey, and offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil are the best players by leaps and bounds that this draft class has to offer.

Assuming that a quarterback is selected, the Ravens will likely take the player of this group that is still on the board. Each of the five could easily come aboard and make a sizable impact immediately, considering that they all play at a position of the need for the Ravens.

Ravens Assistant GM Eric DeCosta said he wanted some "instant coffee" and an "impact player" with the team's first pick, and no matter who falls to them, it certainly looks like the Ravens will be walking away with exactly that.