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Free Agency: Who the Ravens should bring back

Baltimore do need some players back this off-season

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Although the biggest Baltimore free agent to likely hit the market has been Kelechi Osemele, there are other players this squad needs to at least think about re-signing. This will be a small reasons list who should come back and why.

Morgan Cox

The Ravens just finished franchise tagging their five star kicker, but the man snapping with pin point precision needs a paycheck too. Morgan Cox isn't exactly known, and that is a damn good thing. Long snappers are always ever heard about when they make mistakes. Morgan Cox has helped Justin Tucker become a top three kicker (so far) in history. Get the wolfpack member a paycheck!

Shareece Wright

With a horrific start against the San Francisco 49ers we all questioned the point of picking the man up. But during the last 4 games  Shareece seemed to finally step up and cover the opposing wide receivers. I'm for Wright receiving a prove it deal of 1 year. If forced, 2 years, but incentive based. Either the back half of 2015-16 was a fluke, or you can earn real dollars. The Baltimore Ravens can't keep paying big money for cornerbacks not worthy. Shareece could make due for both himself and the Ravens with a fair deal.

Courtney Upshaw

A man with one true talent, Courtney Upshaw is a valuable asset. The run stopping linebacker is necessary for pass rush success. Yes, you read that correctly. Elvis Dumervil cannot play the run, at least not up to Upshaw's edge-setting level. Also, Elvis receiving rest on 1st and 2nd downs helps to rotate him fresh for 3rd & 5 or higher. Allowing Dumervil to speed in there and attack really changes pace. The man had 17 sacks a season ago. If Terrell Suggs comes back, even at 80% Dumervil has another opportunity to put up the same numbers. We all remember the running backs in this division as well. Le'Veon Bell, Giovanni Bernard, Jeremy Hill. Controlling the clock is a big part of AFC North football, and stopping these players is key.

Kamar Aiken

The UCF product is somebody worth sticking around. Kamar Aiken last season accomplished 75 catches and 944 yards. Torrey Smith never caught 75 passes with the Ravens in a season. Baltimore needs to keep consistency after finally finding a wide receiver worth a contract. Being 27 by the time of the season working out an incentive based 3 year deal would be great. If he accomplishes the 1,000 yards or 80 catches pay the man more. We need production, and money talks.

Kaelin Clay

Who? The rookie taking an 82 yard TD to the house against the Browns. With Michael Campanaro and his last chance at staying healthy this season I believe Kaelin could prove valuable as a return specialist. Otherwise, we could see possible development as a slot receiver. Maybe, just maybe we can develop a pass catcher. Obviously I want a small deal, hell his salary last season was in total $435,000. Only $179,117 from Baltimore. Worth at least a camp body for training camp and pre-season.

Zachary Orr

Another linebacker the Ravens should sign for depth. Arthur Brown clearly hasn't proved a single thing since being drafted back in 2013, and Orr took snaps over the second round selection. I wouldn't be opposed to seeing Orr back on the field. A decent special team player with depth LB qualities.

Terrence West

A product of Towson, the Maryland man is already a fan favorite. Many fans hoped for the Wizard to draft him, but instead we snagged him without a draft pick. Now, will he step up is the big question. Baltimore has true depth at runningback. Nonetheless, I want T-West there for training camp. I feel it's necessary to observe youthful talent, as I presume it being the final season for Justin Forsett.

Chris Matthews

I'm not big on him, but another camp body is necessary. Testing out possible receivers for Joe Flacco is absolutely vital for a strong play-off team. Chris Matthews seems to be efficient, although the small sample size leaves a lot of question marks. I know the broken record is playing now, "incentive based" "one year" but that's how these fringe players need to be paid. Nobody is Julio or Dez out here.

I really do hope to see all the names on this list at OTA's, as each of them could contribute to a bounce back season. Whether it be depth, special teams, or one play in crunch time. Only having star players doesn't work in the NFL, you need 53 talented individuals.