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Terrell Suggs arrest video: Honest and respectful Sizzle

A sigh of relief for us all

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Waking up yesterday morning to "Terrell Suggs has been arrested" filled me with sheer panic. Instantly thinking of previous arrests and problems with NFL stars I wasn't looking forward to what the next words would be. The ending thank goodness, was nothing terrible.

Terrell Suggs was arrested for driving with a suspended license and  fleeing the scene of a crime.

Terrell  Suggs' rep Denise White says Terrell did not leave the scene. "He walked over to a Mexican restaurant to call someone to come get him and was ticketed for leaving the scene," White said. "The grocery store and the Mexican restaurant are in the same shopping mall complex."

Suggs did not crash into another car. He damaged only his in the minor 1 car accident.

We all know of 'Hacksaw' and his trash talking demeanor. For once it wasn't on display as he respectfully answered the police officers questions. He isn't happy for being arrested or about himself getting into an accident, but he doesn't take anything out on the officer. Video courtesy of TMZ Sports.

Truly a breath of fresh air as opposed to another terrible off-season incident we all hoped didn't occur. Now get that license taken care of Sizzle!