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Possible Raven acquisition Noah Spence Headlines Pro Day for Eastern Kentucky

A top ranked outside linebacker features in pro day

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

No big names came to mind yesterday with Northern Arizona and Vanderbilt kicking off the 2016 pro days. But later on today Eastern Kentucky will possess the first big name player and likely first round talent Noah Spence.

Noah crushed his junior season with Eastern Kentucky University, with some gawdy stats.

63 tackles |  22.5 tackles for loss | 11.5 sacks | 3 forced fumbles | 2 fumble recoveries

Consistency at the position has been obvious for Noah Spence, as back in 2013 with Ohio State Noah once again racked up the numbers

52 tackles | 14.5 tackles for loss | 8.0 sacks

All these numbers are over only 12 starts with OSU.

There is a slight worry that comes with Noah, as his drug problem was the reason he wasn't with the Buckeyes. One drug test failures for ecstasy put Noah out of the Orange Bowl and two games of the 2014 season.

Later on, in September of the 2014 season Noah had another failed drug test for ecstasy and was permanently banned from the Big Ten with his appeal denied.

Noah Spence then watched as Ohio State won the first ever College Football Play-off championship. This, in his own words explains the catalyst for a change in his life.

"I will never in my life forget that feeling," Noah told back in October. "That feeling right there is always in my head whenever I do anything because I know I don't ever want to go back again, hit rock bottom -- and I know I won't be back there ever again because I will always have that feeling in my mind."

Big honest words that show a true turnaround. Watching a team you cared for, and even led in sacks your first year as a starter raising a championship trophy, meanwhile being banned for taking ecstasy... Truly a low-point. I'm absolutely happy for Noah's turnaround.

The biggest knock in Noah's game has been the consistency at pass rush. But with all the athleticism I truly believe that will come. If Baltimore takes Spence I can imagine Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil building him up.

A great player, and with the previously mentioned outside linebackers rising in age, maybe Spence wouldn't be a bad choice, and in my mind if the Ravens don't have a clear candidate at six could trade back a few for a product like Noah Spence.