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Dallas Cowboys not taking QB at 4, Ravens chance at playmaker lessens

A smoke screen, or the truth?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Jones has been very adamant this off-season with his beliefs quarterback Tony Romo will fully recover from his collarbone surgery this off-season. If they are not drafting Romo's successor this will absolutely affect the Ravens chances at a potential star two picks down the road.

With the Baltimore Ravens drafting at sixth, the odds of scoring a top five talent aren't perfect, but the Ravens have some help with either Jared Goff or Carson Wentz being drafted by the Cleveland Browns. The hope, especially after the combine, is that the best talent to fall past Jacksonville will be the Joey Bosa. Jalen Ramsey's combine was far too good to fall past the top five.

If Dallas is true with not drafting a quarterback, the odds are they want a defensive piece. Namely, Joey Bosa. The release of Greg Hardy leaves a hole in the 4-3 defense and Bosa easily fills that gap. The Dallas Cowboys absolutely need a playmaker on the D-line and his presence could easily be a piece worth building around.

From reading word on sister site "Blogging the Boys" Cowboys fans aren't very happy with the decision, more are looking towards Ramsey.

If the Dallas Cowboys go Jalen Ramsey I see the Jaguars locking down both sides of the D-line with Dante Fowler Jr. and Joey Bosa.

If Bosa is off the board recent word has been murmured Myles Jack for the Ravens at sixth overall, especially with Daryl Smith no longer on the roster.

Now all of this of course is speculation dependent upon Jerry Jones honesty, and that--that is nothing to trust.