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Reed of Thrones: Ed Reed Podcasts as a TV Critic

Just Not Sports is a new podcast that interviews Sports Personalities about non-sports interests. Ed Reed gets his best TV Producer face going with a current interview.

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There's an interesting new podcast that interviews sports personalities about non-sport topics only, and they certainly found a personality.

Ed Reed, current Ravens Ring of Honor member and future Hall of Famer, is presently featured on the program and his topic of choice is television shows, like "Game of Thrones" and "Empire."

It becomes clear that Reed is a Game of Thrones aficionado. "Ain't no gangster in life ever been that gangster," he says of the HBO production.

"I followed (Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson) ever since...Hustle & Flow," Reed said of the Empire moguls. "How [could] you not like Cookie, man?!"

"Not just Black people, White people, everybody is gravitating to that show because it's so entertaining."

Reed talked about his possibly appearing on a show in the future. "Man, I would definitely consider it, I would not turn them down," he said. He mentioned the balance act that coaching for the Buffalo Bills will require on his time management.

Imagine seeing Reeeeeeed with a GOT Battle Axe or in an Empire SupaFly Suit. Could he pull it off? He seems to believe he can.

All in all, it is a good listen, replete with the background sound effects of the life of Ed Reed: driving around town, entering his home, preparing to eat dinner with his active family.

Click below to listen (the interview is the second behind sports writer Peter King, and begins at 32:30):

Alternatively, download it for Windows/Android devices here, and for iTunes here.

Finally, here is a link that goes directly to Reed's interview: