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Bleacherreport gives good grade for Baltimore Ravens Free Agency moves

Always nice to be noticed

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

Bleacherreport recently gave a 32 team pass/fail grading scale on how specific teams free agency went about. Great news on the Ravens side, a pass.

The full list can be found here

Full Excerpt:

Heading into this offseason, it was a foregone conclusion that the Baltimore Ravens would lose offensive lineman Osemele. After receiving over $58 million from the Oakland Raiders, he was gone.

Losing Upshaw, Smith and Canty was necessary. All of them were unproductive, aging or a combination of the two.

Earlier this offseason, the Ravens cut Hill. It came to a surprise to many because, well, he's pretty darn good. However, we found out Hill was suspended once again and this time for 10 games.

All of the departures were necessary or bound to happen. The Ravens were not blindsided by a random departure, fortunately.

The smartest move of their offseason? Restructuring quarterback Joe Flacco's contract.

Doing this allowed the Ravens to add Weddle. We all know Weddle and what he represents, so I'll spare you some persuasive details as to why this was a good move.

Adding Wallace and Watson was interesting. The Ravens already have some quality tight ends, but this likely illustrates that Dennis Pitta is not returning. Under Brees, Watson had probably the best season of his career in 2015.

While Wallace wasn't the same guy we were accustomed to seeing with the Pittsburgh Steelers last season with the Minnesota Vikings, Flacco, a known deep-ball slinger, could help make Wallace relevant again this season.

The Ravens are coming off their worst season in the John Harbaugh era. Having the No. 6 overall pick, coupled with some of their solid additions, should help put them back into a competitive environment in 2016.

I'm absolutely in agreeance with everything Richard Janvrin writes. A little more talk on Weddle, and the Nick Boyle suspension are the reasons for the signings, but anybody following the team understands without him taking more time explaining.