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Ronnie Stanley is not Jonathan Ogden

Not even in the same realm

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week Stephen White from SBNation made the comparison that Ronnie Stanley and his pass blocking are on the same levels that Jonathan Ogden derives from. That comparison cannot be made, at least not yet.

Ronnie Stanley is the Notre Dame's offensive tackle that Baltimore fans are hoping does not come this way, and respect to Stanley I agree. Baltimore still has a years worth of Eugene Monroe, and they intend to use it.

Jonathan Ogden is a top offensive tackle in NFL history. The man is a true Hall of Fame tackle. Comparing the two is wrong as one is wearing a gold jacket, meanwhile the other hasn't stepped foot onto an NFL field. Stanley cannot be compared this way, it's unfair to both. Don't garner expectations of greatness, nor lack thereof skill. Especially a top three LT in history.