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Baltimore Ravens should not sign Anquan Boldin

Please don't make a it a reunion

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Anquan Boldin is without a doubt a true Ravens treasure. With his talent in the post-season Baltimore may not have seen a second Lombardi Trophy. But with Anquan visiting the Washington Redskins people are thinking a short trip to Baltimore may be in the works. I hope it does not happen, though emotionally I miss the possession receiving monster.

The biggest reason to avoid Q: Baltimore needs the third round comp pick. Short and simple, the Ravens need to continue building to create another championship chase. Anquan can't give enough worth to achieve the off-setting parameters. We wouldn't trade a 5th for him, therefore why sacrifice a 4th round for him (comp picks are after all 32 teams select, meaning they are practically top 4th rounders).

Anquan's no longer has the speed to break loose. Every catch is him fighting through the defense to out-muscle the defender. We don't need to see Joe forcing passes towards a past prime Boldin.

Baltimore needs to somehow develop a younger receiver. Clearly they haven't done anything since Torrey (and he never became a #1). We all hope that the Ravens continue working on Kamar Aiken's development. Hope we can keep Michael Campanaro healthy, and most importantly, build up whoever this Breshad Perriman guy is, and become another draft stocked squad.