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Will the Baltimore Ravens kick the tires on Arian Foster

The Ravens have a habit at signing former Texans. Will Foster be the next one?

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Bernard Pollard. Vonta Leach. Jacoby Jones. Owen Daniels. Ryan Mallett. Kendrick Lewis.

What do all these players have in common? They all played for the Texans before going to the Baltimore Ravens. There were even a few practice squad types who the Ravens took from the Texans last year, Jumal Rolle and Charles James.

So there is clearly some connection between the teams that we are missing. Who could be the next Texan to wear purple?

Some are speculating on twitter that Arian Foster could be next. The Ravens have a full roster of running backs, with Justin Forsett and Lorenzo Taliaferro returning from injury, and Javorius Allen and Terrance West looking to build on solid seasons.They even are in the midst of finalizing a camp deal with former top 5 bust Trent Richardson. But none of those 5 players have the pedigree or ability of Arian Foster. Foster is a top 5 running back, despite the injuries he seems to suffer on a yearly basis.

The big issue with him is health, and his age. Foster is turning 30 this summer, and has suffered bad injuries each of the past few seasons. If the Ravens were to take a run at him, it would have to be a small deal with incentives for games played. I am not sure they can beat out other teams with more opportunity and money to spend, like the Dallas Cowboys, who have one of the best lines in football.

If the Ravens do decide to sign him, it will give them a high risk, high reward option at running back. If it pans out, it could be a huge boon for the offense. If he doesn't, then they would be back to Javorius Allen and whichever other backs made the roster. If the medicals look good, I think it is a risk worth taking. I guess we will see if Ozzie agrees.