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Former Baltimore Ravens coach believes Ed Reed can be an NFL Head Coach

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Studious. A big word to describe the greatest NFL safety in history. A man that picked apart film better than anybody, and also used the knowledge to become something even better. Rex Ryan, former coach of Ed Reed knows this for a fact, and believes he's so good he could be in a head coaching gig within five years.

"When we had him his last year with the Jets, he was the pied piper," spoke Ryan at last week's NFL Annual Meeting, per's Mike Rodak. "They all followed him and they all learned from the game. And that's why I know this guy's going to be a great coach."

Big praise for the soon to be Hall of Fame player, but with Rex Ryan, isn't everything slightly blown out of proportion?

"I would not be shocked if Ed Reed ends up being a head coach within five years. That's how quick this dude's going to rise. Teaching guys how to study tape, how to get things going, playing the game."

I surely am not surprised, being the "#1 Reed Fan" here. Reed's work ethic was only matched by his true talent and skill levels. The man is a Baltimore hero, and we all love him.

While I'm not agreeing Ed can become a head coach in five, I'm surely not dispelling the fact Ed would ever become a head coach. The intelligence of Reed is clearly top notch, and he is without a doubt one to make others around him great.