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No member from the 2012 draft stays with the Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore has no drafted player from 2012

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Baltimore can officially close the NFL Draft doors on the 2012 season, with Kelechi Osemele and Courtney Upshaw embarking on a new NFL journey.

Back in 2012 the Ravens snagged a few key players, and it's slightly surprising to know not a single one is returning.

Baltimore in the last few years has grown talent from good to great, with (a healthy) Arthur Jones, Pernell McPhee, and  Kelechi Osemele being key free agents in years past. Baltimore also allows them to leave and result in compensatory picks that Ozzie Newsome can't help but hoard. The NFL also helps the Ozzie Newsome way by allowing trade to the comp picks.

Back to the original topic though, Baltimore no longer has any of these names from the 2012 draft:

Courtney Upshaw
Kelechi Osemele
Bernard Pierce
Gino Gradkowski
Christian Thompson
Asa Jackson
Tommy Streeter
DeAngelo Tyson

A few of those names are actual quality. Upshaw, and Osemele both being big name players, but Pierce, Jackson, and Tyson all saw quality playing time with the Ravens. Tyson, a seventh round pick played 34 games with the Ravens. A great amount of time being on the playing field for 236th overall.

Related note: Baltimore still has a 2012 player. Justin Tucker, the glorious kicker we all love was signed as an UDFA back in 2012. How in the world did we strike such gold with this man I still don't know.