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A thank you to Courtney Upshaw, Former Baltimore Raven; current Atlanta Falcon

Appreciated all the effort boss

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

As we all know Courtney Upshaw has officially signed with the Atlanta Falcons, thus ending his Baltimore Raven career (as far as we know).This letter is to thank the powerhouse footballer.

  • For the grind - While I have never attended a Ravens practice, I can only imagine the Ravens school of linebackers isn't easy. The lofty goals set from former talents can only mean they do things right and push hard. You were a big part of the grind.
  • The Dirty Work -  Defensive players are unfairly judged for statistics, and your numbers do not emulate what your purpose and drive result in. Your success becomes an indication of Elvis Dumervil's sack stats. Without the hard run-stuffing effort to attack the edge and strap on the work-boots, Elvis doesn't receive breaks to re-juvenate and once again apply pressure to opposing quarterbacks. Your 1st & 2nd down effort to lock down the side of the field was completely necessary.
  • For the most earth-shaking hit a Steeler received from a Raven - My goodness the acceleration to the tackle purely football at its best.
  • Helping to bring the greatest football honor to Baltimore. The second Lombardi trophy in Raven history. I recall a tweet, video, or vine during the post-game while you were shouting, "All I do is win! All I do is win championships!" I was all about that action boss

Thank you Courtney Upshaw, and good luck on your football career.