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Baltimore Ravens select DeForest Buckner in latest Todd McShay Mock Draft

A new front-runner for the Ravens it seems

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

With previous projections for Baltimore being Ronnie Stanley,and then Joey Bosa in recent 2016 NFL Mock Drafts, the Ravens are no longer consistently sitting with a pick. It's clear that McShay isn't certain either, with Baltimore now selecting another defensive end with the sixth overall.

Laremy Tunsil still doesn't drop past number one overall, and the Titans protect the franchise QB Marcus Mariota.

Another un-changed pick being Carsen Wentz to Cleveland. Though they have acquired Robert Griffin III in Free Agency they still want a young quarterback to groom.

Pick 3 is the change-up, with Jalen Ramsey taken by San Diego. The loss of Eric Weddle to yours truly mixed with a weak secondary creates the opportunity to select the most likely gifted athlete in the draft.

Dallas also shakes it up no longer drafting a quarterback, but instead taking the initial #1 player at the beginning of the season. Joey Bosa, the high powered edge player. Hurts to see in this mock, as Baltimore would love either prospect here, and they have been retrieved back-to-back.

The nail in the coffin for an un-expected selection; Myles Jack taken to the Jacksonville Jaguars. No longer does Ramsey fall to five, and they take an amazing prospect able to play coverage unlike any backer seen in the league save about two names.

Now this leaves Baltimore at six with some questions. Vernon Hargreaves is still on the board, as is DeForest Buckner, Ezekiel Elliot, and the all formidable Ronnie Stanley selection. Laquon Treadwell the dark horse 'sexy' pick, but not what Ozzie Newsome's strategy is about.

DeForest Buckner is the pick Ozzie selects in this universe. The big board has Buckner third, and Ozzie always sticks to the big board. The last time the Ravens happened upon a D-end from Oregon the results were very enjoyable as well (See: Ngata, Haloti).

McShay's words:

DeForest Buckner, DE, Oregon

The Ravens were unusually aggressive in free agency, signing S Eric Weddle, WR Mike Wallace and TE Benjamin Watson. While OT Ronnie Stanley and RB Ezekiel Elliott would both be in play here, I have a feeling Buckner would be the pick if GM Ozzie Newsome sticks to his best-available strategy. The No. 3 player on our board, Buckner isn't a traditional edge rusher, but he is disruptive against the run and plays with a great motor. He has the skill set to fit in both a 3-4 and 4-3 at the next level.

I'm all for the pick, but very jealous we couldn't snag Ramsey, Bosa, or Jack in back-to-back-to-back picks. Watching these three men vanish is very painful, and knowing we were "too good" to acquire any of the prospects will have us all wishing a couple more losses in the season may have been worth it now.

What do you think of DeForest Buckner donning purple & black? Would you trade down at this point, and how far would you like to jump back?