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Courtney Upshaw Signs with Atlanta

Free Agency was a slow roll for the former Raven, but he has found a new home.

Upshaw heads down the road.
Upshaw heads down the road.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

LB Courtney Upshaw will be setting the edge a little further south.

The 4 year player has signed with the Atlanta Falcons and signifies the loss of the last Ravens "big name" free agent.

Upshaw was not a target for Ravens front office types to stay, as they made no forward moves to re-sign him or negotiate with him. Although he was clearly valued by the team, it is possible that his lack of pass rush production -- 5 sacks over his career, including two last season -- and the fact that his tackle numbers never equaled his first season caused him to be viewed as a non-priority.

Pro Football Focus had him graded as a poor player,  and he is currently listed as the 84th linebacker in the league. That is the lowest rank on his new team, the Falcons.

Upshaw has a reputation as a steady, if unspectacular player, and appears well-liked by his teammates.

While he represents a break in continuity for the Ravens, he also is a possible compensatory pick for next year.

Baltimore Beatdown wishes Courtney Upshaw the best as he moves down the road.