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Another take on the NFL's DC Comics Mock Draft has taken characters from the DC Comics universe and ported them to the NFL draft. Who will save the day in Charm City?

Who would be the Ravens' SuperPro?
Who would be the Ravens' SuperPro?

Dawn of Justice, indeed. has released, in time for the new Batman/Superman movie, a full mock draft of superheroes from DC comics by NFL clubs. It's interesting at least, especially with the heavy drafting of women (The way Wonder Woman jumps around in the movie, she should be a WR) and villains (the #1 pick is Bane!). I must say. whomever decided the positions might want to brush up on how skills--or in this case powers--match up to spots on the gridiron.

Nevertheless, their choice for Baltimore at #6 is interesting:

Offensive Line?!? First off, Cyborg is all about the Brain. He could either be a QB or a FS. He's bigger, so being a rush LB or TE would make sense as well. And, while....OK, I will put a ***SPOILER ALERT*** tag for the remainder of this paragraph: the movie he is being put together for the first time, and appears very inept and disabled, he in fact is pretty strong and powerful in the comics. Not always nursing injuries.

My draft would be different, especially considering that a certain Caped Crusader was undrafted at #6. Are you kidding me?! Who goes better with the Ravens than Batman?! The Raven as a bird has a similar M.O. to the Bat! Plus, you cannot pass up the mind that formulated a successful plan to not only beat, but kill, Superman. C'mon now. had Batman playing quarterback for San Fran. Uh, no. In the movie, he is taller than Superman and appears more bulky, although not more cut. Somebody hit the weights for the role.

I'm looking forward to the Marvel version of this draft. We'll give another go-round for that one.

One more note: No way does Wonder Woman last to pick #11. Her experience in battle dwarf-stars Supergirl's. And in the movie (SPOILER), the way she goes at Doomsday is awe-inspiring. That athleticism and moxie spells "shutdown corner" to me. She could challenge for #1 overall.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it's time to focus on a dark knight who terrorizes opponents, intercepts damaging intentions, and blows up menacing schemes.

I'm not talking about Batman.

I'm talking about FSU S Jalen Ramsey. #WeCanDream