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Flashback Friday: Ravens defeat 49ers on Thanksgiving 16-6

Larry French
Larry French
Getty Images

In today's edition of Flashback Friday, we will look back at the 2011 season where the Baltimore Ravens hosted the San Francisco 49ers on Thanksgiving which was the first ever meeting between the Harbaugh brothers as Ravens head coach John Harbaugh went up against his brother Jim Harbaugh who was the 49ers head coach at the time.

The Ravens entering this game were 7-3 on the season as the team was looking to hold on to first place in the AFC North as the Ravens swept the Pittsburgh Steelers over the course of the first-eight games of the season. The Ravens at the time were on a short week as the team defeated the Cincinnati Bengals at home a few days earlier by the score of 31-24.

The matchup between the Ravens and the 49ers was just a preview of the battle the two teams would have in Super Bowl 47 the following season.