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March Profile: Ravens ILB C.J. Mosley

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

In the middle of March through the end of the month, we will take a quick look at some of the key players for the Baltimore Ravens entering the 2016 season from where each key player stands in terms of the Ravens depth chart.

C.J. Mosley

Pro Bowl inside linebacker C.J. Mosley has been just what the doctor ordered for the Ravens since future hall of fame linebacker Ray Lewis retired after the 2012 season. Mosley isn't and will never be expected to step in in Lewis' shoes, but Mosley has helped ease the transition at a linebacker position that has been held to a very high standard in Baltimore.

Mosley was in contention for the 2014 NFL Defensive Rookie of The Year award and became the first player in Ravens history to go to the Pro Bowl in his rookie year. Following his great 2014 season, many expected Mosley to get even better. While Mosley had a solid season during 2015, he also had a bit of a sophomore slump as well.

Mosley during the 2015 regular season stayed solid in run support, but had a lot of trouble keeping up with tight ends in the passing game. He seemed a step too slow at times on critical third down passing situations with tight ends.

Don't expect those issues with Mosley too often during the 2016 season because Mosley is a player who is a student of the game and he tends to learn from his mistakes fairly quickly. The Ravens coaching staff has been on record in the past raving about Mosley's intelligence.

As the inside linebacker enters his third season in the league, expect him to be even more of a leader in the locker room going forward.

2015 Stats

  • Games Played: 16
  • Tackles: 116
  • Passes Defensed: 7
  • Sacks: 4
  • Forced Fumbles: 1
  • Fumble Recoveries: 2
  • Touchdowns: 1