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March Profile: Ravens KR/PR Kaelin Clay

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

In the middle of March through the end of the month, we will take a quick look at some of the key players for the Baltimore Ravens entering the 2016 season from where each key player stands in terms of the Ravens depth chart.

Kaelin Clay

Clay has turned into a nice punt and kick returner for the Ravens to start off and showcased his speed against the Cleveland Browns on the road in week 12. Since that game, Clay didn't really show a whole lot.

There were times where he fair caught the ball when he had open space, and there were times where he should have fair caught the ball and instead let the ball go passed him which caused the Ravens start deep in their own territory.

His job in the near future will feature him on special teams a lot more than at wide receiver and at this point in time, so the Ravens are probably fine with that. But He isn't a lock to keep this starting role.

The Ravens still have Campanaro and Smith saw some action as a punt returner last season before he got hurt and there is always the chance of the Ravens finding an undrafted free agent to take the role or draft a player as well.

Clay would rarely be used as a wide receiver at this point in time and his biggest chance to stick on the Ravens roster in 2016 would be for him to show stability on special teams specifically at punt returner and kick returner.

Clay is currently a Ravens Exclusive Rights Free Agent.