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Baltimore Ravens have replay proposal postponed for May 2016

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens made a proposal during the annual NFL owners meeting this week about changing the structure of which plays in the field of play can be reviewable.

The Ravens identified eight rules that are not up for review and they are:

  • Illegal use of hands
  • Illegal contact
  • Offensive or defensive pass interference
  • Roughing the passer
  • Roughing the kicker
  • Hitting a defenseless receiver
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Offensive and defensive holding
Ravens head coach John Harbaugh made it very clear earlier this week at the Owners meetings that he wants a change in the way the NFL conducts its rules as he discussed via

"Everything is reviewable expect the judgement calls," Harbaugh noted. "It's real simple. And we have high hopes for it...The technology is there. The fans live in replay. The fans live on their devices. This is where they watch the game [holding up mobile phone]. This is the beauty of where we're at in 2016. This is not 1999 when replay first came in. We need to acknowledge that our fans live in replay.  So hey man, let's make it simple for the fans, make it simple for people understand what's reviewable."

Atlanta Falcons President and CEO Rich McKay who is also the Chairman of the NFL Competition Committee says that there will be more discussions about the subject and will make a decision on the Ravens proposal in May when NFL owners meet together once again.

"We think there is some merit to the proposal," Competition Committee Chairman Rich McKay noted via "We're going to look at that. We're going to meet as a committee. We're going to talk to the membership and we're going to look at trying to submit a proposal off of Baltimore's that re-writes the rule and re-writes the language, and submit in May for a vote."

If the proposal passes, it not only benefits the Ravens, but 31 other teams around the league as well.