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March Profile: Ravens WR Michael Campanaro

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

In the middle of March through the end of the month, we will take a quick look at some of the key players for the Baltimore Ravens entering the 2016 season from where each key player stands in terms of the Ravens depth chart.

Michael Campanaro

Campanaro was put on injured reserve after suffering a herniated disk against the Pittsburgh Steelers in week four but while he has shown flashes of talent when he was on the field, he has trouble staying healthy and that has been evident in his two seasons in the league with the Ravens.

Campanaro is a nice slot guy who is pretty quick. He has some similarities to New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman in terms of his size and the potential matchups favored for him in the middle of the field. That doesn't mean he is anywhere close to Edelman, but Campanaro is a talented player.

However, Campanaro hasn't done much wrong with the Ravens in his first-two seasons and the league as he just hasn't been healthy. And next year, he is probably on the clock to make something happen because the Ravens are beginning to load up on talent at wide receiver.

The good news for Campanaro is, the Ravens don't have a lot of small guys at the position. When Steve Smith Sr. decides to retire (Possibly after the 2016 season) the Ravens would love for Campanaro to step up and take over the role of being the small guy who gives opposing defenses fits.

There is an opportunity for Campanaro to make some noise on the field whether that may be at wide receiver, punt returner or kick returner. We know he has talent. He just needs to stay healthy.