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NFL decides that long PATs are here to stay

The league has decided to keep the lengthened extra point.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The longer extra point was a controversial rule change in 2015. Some people thought that it was a needless rule change, while others (including Bill Belichick, who I bet really wishes he could take that one back) thought that the rule was going to make the game more interesting by making the extra point non-automatic, which might force teams to go for two more often.

The extra point will stay extended, as the league has voted to make the change permanent. The long kicks were certainly harder for kickers to make in 2015, as 71 extra points were missed in 2015, a much higher total than the ones that we have seen in recent years. Fortunately for the Ravens, Justin Tucker was still perfect on PATs last year, as he has been for his entire career.

The league has made a lot of changes to the game this afternoon, but the long extra point is here to stay, which would make an extension with Justin Tucker even more valuable.