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Ravens to charter plane for players to attend Tray Walker's funeral

Steve Bisciotti continues to once again be the epitome of a class act.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Ravens' owner Steve Bisciotti is making sure that his team is in full attendance at the funeral of one of their own.

At the annual NFL meeting today, Coach John Harbaugh told the congregation of media assembled in Boca Raton that Owner Steve Bisciotti was providing airfare and transportation for Ravens' players and staff to the funeral of cornerback Tray Walker, who tragically passed in a motorcycle accident on Mar. 18.

He’s talked to me about chartering a whole plane for everybody that wants to go down. I think Steve will make it possible for everybody that’s in Baltimore or wants to get to Baltimore to fly down together and Steve will pay for that. That’s just how he does it."

The funeral for Walker is scheduled for 1 PM this Saturday at 93rd Street Baptist Church, located in his Miami childhood neighborhood.

Harbaugh referred to the process for the team as "new territory" and called it a "challenging type of situation."

Coach Harbaugh also said that the team's director of security, chaplain, and director of player engagement have all spent time with Walker's mother to aid the family during this trying time. The Ravens certainly hope that they'll have a full contingent joining the trio in South Florida to honor the life of a special man.