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NFL wants to expand to China and Germany

You get some football, you get some football, oh, you too China.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

In an effort to expand their game across the globe, the NFL is now looking at playing games in both China and Germany in the coming seasons.

Per Albert Breer of the NFL Network, the NFL wants to put a regular-season game in Germany in 2017. This was already a known rumor. The real news is that the league wants to expand to China, an area where they really don't have anything resembling a foothold.

The hypothetical Germany and China games would add to the NFL's international slate that currently includes three games in England and one in Mexico. American football has already achieved relative prominence in the United Kingdom, and the sport has amassed a sizable fanbase across the pond. It's pretty clear that the league and its owners want to do the same in China by tapping into the world's largest population, but the cultural and time differences are enormous.